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Stuart has been a client at Wag'n Tails since 2004. He has 3 very nice dogs; Fabi, Lexi and Snoop.
Please click on the link to see information on Stuarts' very important work on behalf of Multiple Sclerosis  patients.

Canine Companionsfor Independence 

Canine Companions for Independence has been providing assistance dogs to people with disabilities since 1975. Volunteers raise puppies to be assistance dogs in a powerful program that leads to greater independence. Every assistance dog starts as a puppy that needs a loving home. Volunteer puppy raising is an incredible way to help children and adults with disabilities live more independent lives.


Marlene first came to Wag’n Tails Animal Hospital in November 1992 with a wonderful dog named Georgette. Georgette died in 2001 and it was difficult for the family to imagine trying to replace her. Unable to manage with no dog in their lives, Marlene decided to raise a puppy for a group called Canine Companions for Independence.


Lonnie was the first puppy. Marlene trained him from the time  he was 8 weeks old until he was 18 months old when he went on to advanced training. A very outgoing and friendly puppy, Lonnie is now a facility dog  at the Roger Peace Rehabilitation Center in Greenville SC, working with the lead physical therapist, Cathy.

 lonnie and marlenelonnielonnie2

We have news of Lonnie:

Hello Everybody,

 Attached is a photo of the Ambulance of the Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital, Greenville, South Carolina

Yes, that's right. The picture on the back of the ambulance is Lonnie, my 5th Canine Companions for Independence puppy.  He now is all grown up and lives and works with the  Lead Physical Therapist. 

I am so proud and happy. I hope  anyone who questions how I can raise these CCI puppies and then give them up now understands what a joy it is to do this work. 

Marlene Wepf and Spicer (my 7th CCI puppy in training. 

Hi Marlene,

 Here is a picture of Lonnie! He is now a celebrity and has his picture and some information on the back of an ambulance! He is so handsome!  

Lead Physical Therapist

Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospitallonnie is famous

Greenville, SC


 Francis was the next puppy that Marlene trained.  An easy-going puppy that Marlene calls the
"George Clooney" of CCI! Francis has gone on to advanced training  after which, CCI will place him in just the right home. The dogs are matched according to their personality and strengths to just the right human.This photograph is Francis at his graduation.


The latest puppy in training is Spicer. He's six months old and Marlene says he is the sweetest and easiest of the puppies. Marlene has been through  basic obedience enough times that she feels she could easily be an instructor!spicer

 The puppies are all different and all special in their own way. Marlene finds the program very rewarding and feels very happy to be a part of CCI. 




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